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Wedding trends are constantly changing. From colors, to decor, to the traditions from way back when. In a world that is constantly changing, why not move along with it?

The "First Look" has become very popular among brides and grooms. If you have never heard of it, then you may be missing out on something great!

What is it? It's actually very simple. After the beautiful bride has finished getting her hair and makeup done, we get her dressed and head to the spot where her groom is anxiously awaiting her (insert another great reason to have 2 photographers! Our 2nd shooter will position him so that he does not see his wife-to-be until it's time).

There are many, many, MANY ways to do the first look. The groom can be facing away from the bride and she sneaks up on him, or the other way around. They can both be blind-folded and undo each other's blindfolds at the same time, etc. We stake a step back at this moment and photograph you from a distance so as not to interrupt your first time seeing each other that day. After a few minutes of you two loving on each other, we will step back in and get the photos started!

"But I really wanted him to have a great reaction when he sees me walking down the aisle." Oh trust me...he WILL. We have seen many grooms still get tears in their eyes when seeing their beautiful bride walking down the aisle towards them. It's not about him seeing you for the first time down the aisle; it's about his almost-wife walking towards him, glowing and beautiful. It's about the fact that whether he already saw you or not, he is about to marry the girl of his dreams. Trust us...the moment will still be there. <3

In case we haven't convinced you yet, here are some perks to doing a First Look:

  • When you see each other, it's a sweet, romantic, intimate moment rather than having to hold off on kissing each other until the end of the ceremony. You can love on each other, tell each other how great you each look, etc.

  • More photos! We are able to capture so many more beautiful images for you because we will have much more time than cocktail hour provides us with.

  • The day is going to fly by, and you may even find yourself spending more time with friends and family than with each other. This is a chance to have a quiet, intimate moment between just you two before the wedding actually begins.

  • Cocktail hour: You paid for it. Don't you want to enjoy it as well? In doing a first look, the only thing left after the ceremony are family portraits, a handful of extra photos of just you two in the beautiful golden hour light, and then you are free to join your guests during cocktail hour.

If you think you might be interested in doing a First Look, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can help you create the pre-ceremony timeline to ensure everything runs on time. <3

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